filmotechnic CANADA


Russian Arm Montreal Partnerships

Filmotechnic Canada was founded in 2007 by Oleksiy Zolotarov and Mark Cabiddu.

Filmotechnic Canada is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of a comprehensive line of camera support equipment. Our equipment has a proven history of use on Film Sets, in Broadcast Production and Sporting Events worldwide.

We have brought some of Filmotechnic’s most famous camera support equipment to Toronto and serve all of Canada and the Eastern United States.

This equipment includes gyro-stabilized remote systems (Flight Head & Flight Head Mini), gyro stabilized camera cranes (Russian Arm), and the mechanical vibration dampener (Shock Absorber). Filmotechnic’s equipment holds numerous international patents and inventor’s certificates.

We at Filmotechnic Canada are very proud to offer Filmotechnic’s world class camera support equipment to the world class film production centre of Toronto, Canada. We now design and build our own rain deflector called the FCL Zero RD. We also design and build our own 2 Axi Dampers for Techno, Movie Bird and Scorpio Telescopic cranes.


Winner of two Sci-Tech Academy Awards for technical achievement:

Anatoliy Kokush, Yuriy Popovsky and Oleksiy Zolotarov for the concept and development of the Russian Arm Gyro-stabilized Camera Crane and Flight Head, 2005.

Anatoliy Kokush for the concept and development of the Cascade Series of motion picture cranes including the Traveling Cascade Crane, 2005.