Flight Head Mini 3

What is a Flight Head Mini 3 ?

The Flight Head Mini 3 (FH Mini 3) is the latest generation of  the 3-axis gyro-stabilized, light weight Carbon Fibre heads that eliminates all bumps & vibrations resulting in an extremely smooth and stable picture (10 – 150mm film lenses). It is the the head used on our RA Mini 3.

  • The FH Mini 3 is operated via joystick or wheels (wirelessly or cabled).

The FH Mini 3 is designed for Russian Arm Mini, 2D/ 3D Cable Flight Systems, Carbon Scissor Crane, small Jib Arms , Balloons.


  • Very precise Auto Horizon system – can be turned on or off.
  • Repeatable (10 recorded moves max),
  • Built in shake generator – keeping all axis stabilized.
  • Limits on all axis.
  • Full electronic lock off – keeping all axis stabilized
    • Any or All Axis can be locked off at any time.
    • Back-pan compensation can be turned on or off.
  • Automatic drift compensation,
  • Reversing joystick controls for left-handed operators.
  • 9 Chanel RF Wireless Operation
    • 700 m (1.1 miles) range in city environment.
    • Frequency interference protected.
  • Tuning at the joystick console.
  • Wheels operation – all axis.
  • Linear Joystick Operation –
    • Speed of axis movement proportional to angle and speed of joystick.
  • Quadratic Joystick Operation –
    • Starts and Stops of axis movement are made very smooth.

Compatible Cameras

  • The FH Mini 3 can take a variety of cameras.
    • All Reds, all Alexas, Alexa 65.
    • Arri 235, 435 Film Cameras
  • The only lens it cannot take is the 11-1 OPTIMO Zoom
  • The FH Mini 3 can even take our Zero Rain Deflector.


* Videos & Pictures on this page is the property of the Filmotechnic Team in Amsterdam.


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