Shooting Applications

  • Russian Arm mini & gyro-stabilized Flight Head: mounted to Roof

  • Chase Car with the gyro-stabilized Flight Head, Locked-off Camera and/or Stills Camera mounted anywhere on the back, front or roof.

  • Shock Absorber System: uses the Gyro-stabilized Flight Head mounted left/right/ centre on the back or front bumper.

Polaris Ranger Advantages

  • Safety & Efficiency

  • Shoot moving vehicles from just about any & every angle you want.

  • Shooting in all weather conditions.

  • Shots are setup on the fly & adjusted instantly.

  • Sequences can be as dynamic as your imagination (within the laws of physics).

HME Communication System

All in the Chase car can converse at normal speaking levels via HME mic/ headsets that are either open mic or push to talk. The precsion driver(s) are also on the same system so it is like they are in the same vehicle.

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